Job Vacancy: Stores Supervisor

Location: Nairobi

Start Date: Immediately

Nature of Job:

Store Supervisor is responsible in overseeing the storage, inventory and distribution of materials, supplies, parts, components, and tools in the stores department and any other related warehouse.

He/She will also oversee the work of other store crew/employees and assist them where necessary to ensure that they understand their job and are performing as required.

He/she will also supervise the flow of service in the store, train employees on any new inventory changes and act as the officer-in-charge in the absence of his/her Manger.

He/she will regularly record all necessary transactions and maintain related records for the same.

Basic Tasks:
  • Assist other store employees with their work
  • Disseminate tasks and orders to employees
  • Train and evaluate trainees
  • Check the physical flow of the store from time to time.
  • Check the products before the opening and closing of the store
  • Encode/label the delivered or ordered materials or products
  • Assist the customer with their demands, and take note of their suggestions and complaints – this should be escalated to the reporting manager.
  • Communicate with the manager regarding the sales movement of goods, employees appraisal and performance and other important matters.
  • Act as officer in charge whenever the presence of the Manager is not available.
Core duties
  • Controlling the physical receipts, transfer documents and any matters related to stock movement and associated reporting procedures and input accordingly into the ERP system.
  • Maintaining an orderly and well defined store layout and location systems.
  • Setting Inventory levels and managing Inventory Control processes physically as well as in the ERP system.
  • Supervising material issuing/receipt, unloading/loading and placement in assigned storage/dispatch location.
  • Checking material received quantities and specifications against order documents and tallying them in the ERP system.
  • Keeping a track of obsolete and surplus stocks and to obtain management approval for their timely disposal through approved procedure.
  • Maintaining and updating record files on all materials, parts, tools, equipment, etc. Stored at any of the warehouse/s/
  • Performing perpetual checks of inventory and of items stored in different locations and taking note of any anomalies.
  • Alerting the procurement manager the need to replenish stock based on its activity.
  • Preparing Weekly and Monthly reports as required/designated by the reporting manager
  • Ensuring minimum damages/losses of any kind to the equipments / tools / goods under his/her watch
  • Ensure proper security/safety and fire hazard practices are maintained at all times
Personal Attributes

The incumbent must also demonstrate the following personal attributes:
  • be honest and trustworthy
  • be respectful
  • be flexible
  • demonstrate sound work ethics
  • knowledge and ability to supervise a store
  • knowledge and ability to train people
  • knowledge in store operations and stock-take procedures
  • must have good communication skills
  • knowledge and understanding of a business is a plus
  • knowledge in basic accounting or bookkeeping is required
Minimum Qualifications
  • A diploma in purchasing and supplies/stores management.
  • 2 years experience in a busy warehouse handling different types of goods.
  • Good arithmetic skills.
  • Computer literate.
  • Experience in managing a team esp. casual labours, junior clerks etc.
  • Good record keeping and document tracking.
Starting Salary: 60,000/= net per month

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