NEWS: BRITAIN’s House of Lords tells CAMERON and his Government that they must work with UHURU/ RUTO.

Friday May 24, 2013 – The House of Lords has told British Prime Minister, David Cameron, that he must work with President Kenyatta’s administration, despite his earlier assertions that he  will only have “essential contact” with him.

During a high heated debate on Wednesday, the members welcomed Cameron’s recent invitation of President Uhuru Kenyatta to the Somalia Conference in London, saying it was an example of “very good relations" between Kenya and Britain.

Members also pressed Minister in Charge of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Office, Baroness Warsi, on claims that the UK interfered with Kenya’s elections.

Lord Triesman in a particular said the UK‘s pre-election declaration of “essential contact” only with Uhuru and Ruto, was no longer tenable and Britain must work with Nairobi.
Triesman said there was no point cutting of contact with Uhuru since the President had repeatedly said that he would work with the court to clear his name.

“It would be a major mistake to abandon political or trading influence in Africa and certainly not in East Africa, to the commercial interests of China or some of the other major Asian powers,” the member said.

But in a response, Baroness assured the House of Lords that the ICC process would not interfere with the ties between London and Nairobi.

He said Uhuru and his Deputy, William Ruto, are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

“We believe that the suspects must be considered innocent until proven guilty before that court,” the Minister said.

‘‘In the meantime, we do not think that the issue should dominate our bilateral relationship. Our engagement will reflect this and we will judge our approach according to the issue.” she