NEWS: NGO takes UHURU/ RUTO to court over the laptop project because of the ENVIRONMENT

Friday, the 31st of May 2013 - Green Hand Organisation, a Kenyan NGO, has gone to court to block the Jubilee Government’s plan to roll out a free solar laptop project for class one pupils.
The NGO wants to block the Jubilee Government from enforcing its plans for environmental reasons saying the influx of laptops would harm Kenya’s environment.
“Sudden increase of laptops will result to massive importation of the devices spare parts and other related appliances which will, as a result, exacerbate the already deplorable state of the country’ s environment ,” the NGO argues.

The NGO says that the implementation of the project will make Kenya a dumping ground for electronic waste which will not only affect the environment but also the health of Kenyans.

The environmental group has backed up its opposition to the laptop project with research which shows that the laptops are manufactured with hazardous and toxic substances like lead, lead oxide, cadmium and mercury which have been shown to negatively impact on health;

“The immediate implementation of the policy, will not only be unfair and unreasonable but against the legitimate expectations of the future and present generations to live in a clean and healthy environment.”

The NGO wants the court to bar the Government from procuring the laptops until the case is heard and determined. The petitioners also want the court to compel the National Environment Management Agency to conduct some research on how the laptop project will affect Kenya’s economy.