NEWS: RAILA ODINGA attacks AU for threatening ICC of a pull out if UHURU/RUTO’s cases are not terminated

Wednesday May 29,2013 - Former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, has broken his long silence by saying African leaders are acting in an insincere manner over the  International Criminal Court (ICC) cases facing President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto
Speaking at his home in Karen during a meeting with Zimbabwe Youth Leaders on Wednesday, Raila said African leaders are the ones who referred the cases to ICC through Chairman of African Union Panel of Eminent African Personalities, Dr Kofi Annan.

He said it is insincere for the same dictators to claim that the cases were a creation of the West and it is them who took the cases to The Hague.

“It is the AU that referred Kenyan cases to the ICC through Kofi Annan not the other way round,” Raila said

During the meeting, Zimbabwe Deputy Prime Minister, Arthur Mutambara congratulated Raila Odinga for being a model of hope to the oppressed Africans.