NEWS: UHURU promises that him and RUTO will work for Kenyans and amaze British/ American IMPERIALISTS

Wednesday May 22, 2o13 - President Uhuru Kenyatta has said his work will amaze United States and Britain who seemed to have developed cold shoulder in working with the Jubilee Government.
Speaking after it emerged that US President Barrack Obama would skip Kenya in the scheduled trip to Africa; President Uhuru said his immediate concern was to fulfil pledges to Kenya.

“Our main concern is to work hard and uplift the economy. We are going to work so well until our foreign detractors are amazed,” Uhuru said.

Uhuru also reiterated his earlier stand on MPs’ salaries, he urged Kenyans to tell MPs to their faces the move is ill-timed.

“Kenyans need to approach leaders and tell them this team to ask for higher pay. Let them work first then the rest will follow,” Uhuru said on Tuesday at a mammoth rally in Nyeri Town.

Uhuru said the Jubilee Government had no reason to fail since it had all the resources needed to improve the economy.