NEWS: URU/ RUTO to undertake FREE LAPTOP project in phases.... 6,000 schools to benefit first

Thursday, the 30th of May 2013 - It has emerged that the Jubilee Government hopes to undertake the free solar laptop project for class one students in three phases.
This is according to leaked documents from the Ministry of Education which show the Government intends to pick 6,000 primary schools to benefit from the free solar laptop project first starting, January 2013.

This first phase of the project is expected to benefit about 425,000 students out of the 1.3 million students expected to join class one next year. The cost of the initial phase is expected to come to Sh 22 billion or thereabouts.

The leaked documents are based on a presentation given by Education Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi to the Parliamentary Committee on Education Science and Technology.
Kaimenyi told the House committee that with each laptop costing Sh 28,000, the Jubilee government would have to spend Sh 75 billion at a go to implement the project in full.

The documents also reveal that the Government will require parents to be responsible for the safety of the laptop when in the child’s care. This means that the parents will have to replace or repair the laptop in case of loss or damage.

The head of Kenya National Parents and Teachers Association, Nathan Barasa, has already opposed this suggestion saying parents already face enough challenges;

“If the Government cannot take full responsibility of the project then they should stop it, because parents are already burdened and we will mobilise them to reject the project should they be asked to pay for lost or damaged laptops” said Barasa.