The World Bank Group Cleaning & Landscaping Services for its Nairobi Offices Request for Proposals

The World Bank Group

Request for Proposals for Cleaning & Landscaping Services for its Offices in Nairobi, Kenya
RFP No. 13-0913
The World Bank Group requests for proposals (RFP) for Cleaning & Landscaping Services for its proposed office in Nairobi, Kenya. 
The scope of work will include, but not limited to, cleaning office spaces, supply of consumables, waste disposal, providing indoor and outdoor plant, landscape maintenance, etc. 
The approximate covered area 17000sqmts, parking area 7200sqmts and open area 1700sqmts.
To be considered as eligible to participate, firms must meet all the mandatory business criteria outlined in the World Bank Corporate Procurement Web-site under ‘Bidding Opportunities’. 
The website can be reached by following the instructions below:
- under “Resources” click on “Businesses”
- click on “Corporate Procurement”
- click on “Business Opportunities” on the left hand side
- click on “Administrative Procurement” and search for RFP No. 13-0913
For further information or questions please contact Rajiv Parankusam via e-mail