12 ICC judges to vote for venue for WILLIAM RUTO and SANG trials (Tanzania or Kenya)

Wednesday June 5, 2013 - The fate of Deputy President Ruto and Joshua Sang’s ICC cases now lies with the court’s Presidency after it emerged that 12 ICC judges will vote to decide whether their trials will be held at The Hague or in Kenya or Tanzania.
But according to ICC insiders, all the judges who have been appointed by the court’s Presidency to vote prefer local trials.

However, the ICC Presidency said on Wednesday that even if a majority of The Hague judges voted in favour of local trials, only parts of the proceedings could be held away from its seat at The Hague.

When voting judges will consider issues raised by the prosecution, including availability of facilities, security of the accused and witnesses and conditions that meet standards of the International Criminal Court.

The judges have already recommended that Tanzania could  be a good alternative  for the hearings because it already has international standard court facilities  set up for the Rwanda tribunal

Ruto and Sang have been indicted by the ICC court in connection with 2007-08 post election where over 1,300 people died and thousands displaced.

Their trials commence on September 10.