Competition to Design Nyamira County Flag, Coat of Arms Slogan and Public Seal

Republic of Kenya
County Government of Nyamira
Design of Nyamira County Flag, Coat of Arms Slogan and Public Seal
In line with the constitution of Kenya 2010 and the County Government Act No.17 of 2012, section (4), the office of the Governor wishes to invite the public to participate in the design of County Government of Nyamira Flag, Court of Arms and Slogan and Public Seal.
The logo should bear the following conditions;-
  1. Capture the main physical and social-economic and cultural activities
  2. Bear the name: County Government of Nyamira
  3. Be original in nature and must not infringe on any copyrights and shall not be the same as or be a likeness or Similar to a national symbol
  4. Be done using the common design program with a scale/size 28*20 and graphic resolution of 300 Pixels
Entrants must be Kenyan citizen. Residents of Nyamira County including students who are encouraged to participate. 
However, if student wins the cash prize, the same will be paid through the guardian or school administration.
i. Submission of the designs must be in both hard and soft copies
ii. Entrants must not submit more than one entry in each category
iii. There is no participation fee
iv. Once a winner has been selected and awarded, the County Government of Nyamira shall retain copyrights and intellectual property rights.
The winners in each category will be awarded as follows;-
County Flag 
  • Winner Kshs.50,000 
  • 1st Runner up Kshs.25,000
County Court of Arms, Slogan and Seal 
  • Winner Kshs.50,000
  • 1st Runner up Kshs.25,000
Note: By submitting the Logo, you agree to transfer copyrights of the design to the County Government of Nyamira.

The proposed Logo Designs with a soft copy should be enclosed in a plain envelope marked ‘DESIGN OF A NEW LOGO FOR THE COUNTY GOVERNMENT OF NYAMIRA’ and addressed to the Undersigned, should be deposited in the Tender Box situated in the ground floor of the main entrance to Nyamira County Government Offices on or before 8th July 2013 at 10.00a.m.
The Interim County Secretary
County Government of Nyamira
P.O Box 434-40500,