Consultancy to Develop, Design, Maintain and Host the Meru County Website

Meru County Government
Office of the Governor
Expression of Interest: Consultancy to Develop, Design, Maintain and Host the Meru County Website
1.0 Background
Meru County Government was established by the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Article 176.
2.0 Scope
The assignment will entail creating a robust interactive website for Meru County Government that is able to facilitate online service delivery and feedback.
3.0 Objective
The Assignment will be undertaken in close working collaboration with a team from the Meru County and involve;-
  1. Choosing the appropriate color shade for the website
  2. Conducting system analysis to capture user requirements
  3. Developing of the Content
  4. Designing of the website
  5. Training of the Web administrators
4.0 Website Deliverables
  1. Well – designed interactive website that is easy to navigate
  2. Website that is able to integrate with other Systems
  3. Interactive Feedback Mechanism
  4. E-commerce gateway for paying various fees and charges
  5. Website with capability to translate content into two national official language (English and Kiswahili)
  6. Website that can hold huge amount of data
  7. Online submission of information
  8. Website with capability of integrating with other future online systems
  9. Incorporated multimedia items such as photos, videos or audio recordings
  10. Please indicate timeline for delivery.
5.0 Requirements for Eligible Consultants
Meru County Government invites bids from Consultants/firms interested in providing the above services. 
Bids shall be subject to evaluation criteria based on experience in similar works, Human Resource and their profiles and Financial. 
The Consultants should therefore submit detailed company profile, financial capability to undertake the assignment, certificate of incorporation, tax compliance certificate, qualifications and experience of key staff, proposed work plan and proposed training programme.
6.0 Shortlisted
Shortlisted qualified firms will be issued with detailed Terms of Reference.
Proposals for this task must be submitted enclosed in plain sealed envelope marked; Expression of Interest: “Consultancy to Develop, Design, Maintain and Host the Meru County website” and addressed to:
Interim County Secretary
Meru County Government
P O Box 120-60200 Meru
Should be deposited in the TENDER BOX situated at the County Headquarters’ Reception, so as to be received not later than on 18th June 2013 at 12 00 noon.

The expression of interest will be publicly opened immediately thereafter in the presence of bidders/representatives who choose to attend in the County Chamber located at the Headquarters offices.
Interim Head Supply Chain Management Services
For Interim County Secretary