,EWS: MP supports the use of BANGLA PESA ... Says it NOT MONEY but just a food voucher

Monday, the 3rd of June 2013 - After the use of Bangla Pesa in the Mombasa slum of Bangladesh sparked controversy, the area’s Member of Parliament, Badi Twalib, has come out to defend his constituents.
Speaking during the Madaraka Day celebrations at Totonoka Grounds in Mombasa, the legislator said the issue had been blown out of proportion since Bangla Pesa is a food voucher and not a competing currency meant to challenge the Kenyan Shilling.
“The Bangla Pesa works as a voucher that residents and businesses will use as a way of supporting local business and entrepreneurs,” said Badi.
Badi also called on the Government to stop harassing the people of Bangladesh for using the currency saying that opposition to the Bangla Pesa project is based on ignorance;

“The Government should support the initiative instead of arresting people,” he said.
Badi also revealed that he had formed a partnership with Equity Bank to help local people learn business skills and also obtain cheap loans to start their own businesses.

Badi spoke just a few days after police officers in Mombasa arrested several people in Bangladesh for using the Bangle Pesa food vouchers.

Among those arrested is a co-founder of the project William Ruddick who is a US citizen. Ruddick was released on a bond of Sh 100,000.