NEWS: FERDINAND WAITITU’s TROUBLES begin as courts slaps him with contempt charges

Monday, the 3rd of June 2013 - It has emerged that former Embakasi MP Ferdinand Waititu is to face contempt charges for disobeying a court order issued in land case that pits him and another former legislator George Oner against Benson Muriithi, a Nairobi businessman.
Oner is said to have transferred the land in question to Waititu who proceeded to demolish a structure that was on it despite a court order that barred him from doing so.

John Khaminwa the lawyer representing the plaintiff in the matter said that Waititu had not only brought down the structure but also made away with the iron bars used in its construction;

“The urgency is actuated by the fact that the fourth interested party, Mr Ferdinand Waititu has blatantly and in a clandestine manner descended on the suit premises LR Number 27903/558 and unlawfully demolished standing structures therein and made away with the steel iron bars used to reinforce the structures...such acts on the part of the fourth interested party are in violation of the orders the court issued on February 25 and the subsequent status quo orders that followed which are well within his knowledge having been advertised in the media as directed by court.”

Oner is a defendant in the case while Waititu is one of several interested parties that Oner is said to have sold Muriithi’s land to.

Waititu has been out of the limelight ever since he lost the Nairobi’s Governorship race to CORD’s Evans Kidero.

During his time as MP, Waititu was a familiar face in the corridors of justice where he faced charges ranging from causing a breach of peace, rioting and hate speech.