NEWS: ICC prosecution to appeal ruling on Ruto's trial presence

The International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecution will appeal a ruling by the bench which allows Deputy President William Ruto not to attend all his trial cases. Read (ICC allows Ruto to skip sessions)
Last week, the bench granted Ruto's defence request to allow him be absent from certain cases.
 Deputy President William Ruto during a meeting with senior officials from the Energy sector. PHOTO/PPS
Ruto's defence's argued that excusing him from continuous presence during his trial will allow discharge duties as the deputy president.

However, the prosecution argues that all suspects must be given equal and fair conduct to proceedings.
"According to Articles 21(3) and 27, all accused must be treated equally before the law. This is a fundamental pillar of the fairness of proceedings before the court, as acknowledged by the Majority," said a statement to the newsroom.

"The two issues affect the fair conduct of the proceedings because they raise the question whether an individual accused of very serious crimes holding certain official functions may be excused from
continuous presence at the trial, while others are not," added the statement.