NEWS: Land commission tells FOREIGNERS and non-citizens to present LAND Documents

Thursday the 13th of June 2013 - The National Land Commission has called on all non-citizens who purport to have some title to land in Kenya to present such documents to the commission.
In a notice that will be published in all local dailies tomorrow, the NLC chairman Mohammad Swazuri has called on all non-citizen land owners to present such documents of title such as lease agreements, letters of allotment and title deeds to the commission.

Kenyan law does not allow non-citizens to own land on lease-hold bases for any period longer than 99 years. Swazuri said the notice is meant simply to ensure that the law is complied with;

“This notice is in no way intended to disposes any non-citizen of their rightful occupation, ownership and use of land in Kenya. Neither should it be seen as scaring away such persons and other potential foreigner investors,” he said.
Because the documents required are sensitive, Swazuri said they should only be presented to the NLC headquarters in Nairobi;
“Due to the sensitivity and confidentiality of the exercise, we sincerely insist that documents can only be brought to our headquarters,” reads the notice.
In a separate notice Swazuri also warned Government officers that it’s only the NLC that has the authority to allocate public land;
“It should be understood that under the Land Act and the Constitution, it is only the National Land Commission which is mandated, on behalf of the national or county governments, to allocate public land, and even to sanction conversion of public land to any other category,” the notice read in part.