NEWS: MAKAU MUTUA gets his own medicine as CHRIS KIRUBI calls him a PUPPET on BBC

Wednesday the 26th of June 2013 - Media owner and respected businessman Chris Kirubi on Wednesday morning lay into controversial columnist, Makau Mutua, during an interview on BBC World Service.
Kirubi had been called up to have his say on why he had turned down an opportunity to meet US President Barrack Obama when visits Tanzania later in the week.

Asked what he thinks of Mutua’s position that Obama is right to give Kenya a wide berth because the country elected ICC indictees to the two highest offices in the land, Kirubi called out Mutua for being biased;

“Don’t even mention him to me. That man is one-sided. You don’t even have to read him to know what he is talking about,” said Kirubi.

“I think he is some people’s puppet,” he added.

Mutua has been vocal about his mistrust of the Jubilee Government and he seems – in most instances – to lean towards the CORD coalition in his politics.

Kirubi later in the interview said he still considers Obama his friend and in fact uses a photo of the American President’s family as the screen saver on his office computer.