NEWS: MUTUTHO wants President UHURU KENYATTA to reduce alcohol and drug distribution

Friday June 14, 2013 - Former Naivasha MP, John Mututho, now wants President Uhuru Kenyatta to reduce the amount of alcohol and drugs distributed in Kenya, to prevent excessive intake.
Speaking in Naivasha town during a forum for fighting drugs in Kenya, Mututho, who championed the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act said by reducing excess distribution of alcohol and drugs, the lives of many youths will be saved.

Mututho also praised President Uhuru’s order of deporting foreign drug lords whenever they are found selling the drugs in Kenya.

He also said the availability of low cost alcohol and drugs has led to an addiction, saying many families in Kenya are mourning after losing their loved ones to drugs and alcohol.

“Drugs are cheaper in Kenya than in Colombia which is their main source. They are very expensive in other countries but relatively cheap in Kenya. I feel there is someone who wants to destroy the youth,” Mututho said.

He said cutting the supply of alcohol and drugs will encourage users to go for rehabilitation.

“As long as there is supply of drugs we cannot curb the menace,” the former MP said.