NEWS: NAMWAMBA says UHURU/ RUTO’s project is a waste of public resources and they want to STEAL.

Monday June 3, 2013 - Seven MPs drawn from Raila Odinga’s CORD have vowed to oppose Uhuru/Ruto’s free laptop programme, saying it is a waste of public resources and an avenue for those in power to steal public money
Led by Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba, the MPs Junet Mohammed, Peter Kaluma, Milly Odhiambo, Augustino Netto, and Denittah Ghati , want the Jubilee Government to hire 60, 000 teachers instead to address teachers’ shortage.

Speaking in Migori Town, the MPs faulted the Jubilee Government for having misplaced priorities saying it was unreasonable for Uhuru/Ruto to give hungry children learning under trees and without books free laptops.

Namwamba noted that the sh60 billion set aside for laptops could be used to address the teachers’ shortage as well as pay them well since many have flown out of the country in search of greener pastures.

Namwamba also noted that CORD will not relent in bringing back on track the Jubilee Government whenever it goes wrong, and vowed to begin with the free laptop programme, which he says was not a priority for Class One kids.