NEWS: Obama’s brother Malik now denies ever offering US President’s letters for sale each at Sh1.3 million.

US President Barrack Obama’s half brother in Kenya, Malik, has lashed out on Western media over reports that he had offered for sale the handwritten letter of US President to his relatives in K’ogello.
The New York Times had reported that Malik was selling two of Obama’s handwritten letters at the cost of sh1.3 million each through US collector Garry Zimet.

However, Malik rubbished the report as a total fabrication and mere propaganda by Obama’s enemies meant to tarnish his name.

He noted that he was a man of status and warned the media from reducing him to a mere hawker, who is out to ride on his half-brothers name by selling letters whose customer do not even exist, saying he was beyond that.

“The Western media is just making a circus out of nothing. How can someone like me sell such letters for that much, and who do I sell them to?” he asked.

He denied owning any of Obama’s letters and warned the media against portraying him in bad light.