NEWS: Over 10 MPs narrowly escaped DOG’S BEATING in Kisumu yesterday over their GREED for huge salary.

Over 10 members of parliament almost got on Friday in Kisumu by an angry mob over their greed to enrich themselves at the expense of poor Kenyans through a pay hike.
This is after the legislators went to seek public opinion on the 2013/2014 National Budget estimates.

MPs David Were, Richard Onyonka, George Omondi, Silverse Lisamula, Rose Nyamunga, David Ochieng, David Gikaria, Ben Momanyi, George Oner and Chris Bichage, had a very rough time trying to reason with the irked public who demanded to know why MPs wanted the peoples’ opinion only to fatten their stomach.

“You propose Bills to fill your stomach. Why have you come to tell us about the Budget and yet you have taken us for fools?” asked John Okumu, a retired Teacher.

Okumu further added that the MPs’ salary should be slashed further, because there was nothing important they were helping the country with rather than just bickering over their salaries, if not with the Senate.

Matungu MP David Were tried to calm the public asking them to be more civil and help them with the agenda of the day and save the salary debate for another day, saying they have now known better and they will side with the people of Kenya to lower the tax burden.