NEWS: President Uhuru Kenyatta says his government has no place for lazy civil servants

Friday, the 21st 0f June 2013 - President Uhuru Kenyatta today put lazy civil servants on notice saying his Government would not hesitate to sack them;

“So those public servants who think that they will wait for another administration to come and then continue working, I can assure them that they will go home before I do,” he said.

Uhuru made the comments while addressing the National Exporters Forum at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre earlier on Friday. During his address the President also outlined the many measures that his Government is taking to improve Kenya’s export ratio.
One of the measures the President outlined is the creation of the National Electronic Single window before the end of the year. Uhuru said the initiative has been in the pipeline for a long time and it is time it was realized;

“There is no reason whatsoever why that cannot happen because we must begin to change our culture,” said Uhuru.

Uhuru also disclosed that the Government had already set aside Sh 22 billion for the construction of a modern standard gauge railway that will link the port town of Mombasa and Kisumu.

Uhuru also reiterated that the Jubilee government would focus on value addition to the products that Kenya exports so as to move from the traditional focus on agricultural products.

“The value addition initiatives will diversify our export base and lead to increased production of goods and services that will be consumed locally, regionally and internationally,” he said.