NEWS: President UHURU KENYATTA says the Provincial Administration is here to stay

Monday, the 3rd of June 2013 - After many Kenyans read President Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision to recall all PCs as a sign of the end of the Provincial Administration, the President on Monday issued a statement to clarify that the Provincial Administration structure would stay in place.
Speaking after presiding over the swearing in of Deputy Chief Justice, Kalpana Rawal and Secretary to the Cabinet, Mr Francis Kimemia, the President said that even though the PC’s had been recalled, County Commissioners, District Commissioners, District Officers and Chiefs would retain their positions;

“I want to clarify that those who we recalled are Provincial Commissioners and Provincial Departmental Heads but the other officers will remain in their stations and are expected to continue performing their duties as they were doing before,” said Uhuru.

The President also said that the PC’s would soon be redeployed to other positions in the re-structured Provincial Administration.

Uhuru said that changes are part of the Government’s efforts to ensure that it conforms to the constitution.

The President also urged all Government officials to ensure that they perform their functions with the utmost competence and efficiency;

“We at the National Government must refocus on how we will begin the process of transforming the public service in order to ensure that it is both efficient and effective in discharging its mandate,” he said.