NEWS: RAILA ODINGA is lying to Kenyans! He was NEVER barred from the VIP lounge – KAA official states

Tuesday June 4, 2013 - Kenya Airport Authority (KAA) has denied reports by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga that they barred him from accessing the VIP lounge at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Monday.
In a press statement released on Tuesday afternoon, KAA’s Corporate Affairs Manager said Raila Odinga was never barred from accessing the VIP lounge.

She said, Odinga, who is the CORD party leader was allowed access and use of the Government’s VIP lounge on Monday, while his wife Ida was given similar admission last Friday.

The official also clarified that the restrictions that applied to the former PM and his wife involved driving their convoys to the airside like they did previously.

“According to National Security Regulations, only convoys belonging to the President of Kenya, visiting Heads of State and the Deputy President of Kenya can access the airside at any of the airports in Kenya.” she said.

She said the KAA has three VIP lounges – the State Pavilion for the President of Kenya and visiting Heads of State, the VIP III Lounge for the Deputy President of Kenya and Retired Heads of State and the Government VIP Lounge for ambassadors and Government VIPs.

“The former Prime Minister has unrestricted access to the Government VIP Lounge.” she said