NEWS: SARAH SEREM gets more headaches as Civil Servants Union pushes for PAY INCREASE

Wednesday, the 12th of June 2013 - A day after the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) buried its long running feud with MPs over their push for a salary increase, fresh headaches appear to be on the horizon for the commission after the Civil Servants Union today announced that it wants a 90% salary hike for its members.
Through a statement released on Wednesday afternoon, the Union of Kenya Civil Servants also wants the Government to include new house and hardship allowances in the budget;

“The Union has demanded a 90% salary increase alongside other packages in the proposed collective bargaining agreement. A range of allowances are covered in our proposed CBA which include specific allowances for particular public servants,” reads the statement that was signed by Jerry le Kina.

The union wants the changes to be reflected by July 1st.

The statement also called on the government to meet a raft of promises made to the union by the Grand Coalition Government in 2009. Among these is the promise to harmonise house allowances so as to stop civil servants from not accepting transfers to rural areas;

"Harmonisation of house allowance was meant to eliminate the discriminative payment where rural areas are paid less while urban areas are paid more. This discrimination has deprived the rural areas of direly needed services as officers fight to remain in urban areas for better house allowances," said the statement.

The union also complained that its members were victims of double taxation;

“With the imposition of taxes on all commodities, it should be appreciated that the workers are paying double taxes. The government should own up and say they are unable to collect taxes effectively and efficiently.”

"It is easy to collect taxes from employees who will have the taxes deducted direct from their pay. Civil servants should not be victims of circumstances due to the inability of the government to collect taxes from the private sector.”