NEWS: SHOCK as AL SHABAAB parades CAPTURED KENYANS in Jilib town inside Somalia

Monday, the 3rd of June 2013 - Reports indicate that the Somali terror group Al Shabaab on Sunday paraded two Kenyans it captured in a cross border raid in May.
The two Kenyans were paraded through the streets of Jilib in Southern Somalia which is mostly under the control of the Al Shabaab.
Witnesses who saw the men say they were in a terrible condition.

One of the witnesses Ali Moalim said that hundreds of people gathered to watch the captured Kenyans;

"Hundreds of people came to see the hostages who the Al-Shabaab said were Kenyans," he said.

Another witness Abdurahman Isa said that "The two men looked miserable.”

The two men were captured in an attack on the Kenyan town of Liboi near Garissa in North Eastern Kenya. Five people were killed in that attack among them two police officers and a class teacher.

Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack just a day after it happened through the popular micro-blogging site Twitter.

Witnesses in Jilib say the militiamen also displayed weapons and ammunition which they seized during the attack on Liboi.

Al Shabaab has promised to target Kenyans in retaliation for the Kenya Defense Forces’ involvement in the AMISOM mission which is fighting to remove them from their safe haven in Somalia.