NEWS: UHURU/ RUTO conclude Cabinet sitting and say POACHERS should be fined Sh 1 MILLION

Thursday the 13th of June 2013 - Cabinet members meeting at State House on Thursday agreed on a raft of measures to tackle the rampant incidents of poaching in the country. Among the measures agreed on is a fine of up to Sh 1 million for people found guilty of poaching.
Other measures agreed on will see the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) swell the number of rangers under its employ by up to 1,000 so as to increase surveillance in the country’s national parks.

The cabinet also wants the KWS poachers to cooperate with police to arrest poachers;
“Establishment of an inter-agency security team composed of personnel from KWS and the Police Service to continuously track down and apprehend bandits in the wildlife sanctuaries including private conservancy areas,” reads a statement from State House.
The cabinet also approved of intrusive measures that will see vehicles being searched as long as there is enough reason to believe that they are carrying game trophies;
“Search any vehicle or vessel and seize and detain any wildlife where there is reason to believe that an offence has been committed, together with any tools, equipment, vessels or vehicles used in the commission of the offence.”
The cabinet issued its directive in the wake of increased incidents of poaching in the country. Early this week three people, including an administration police officer, were arrested with several elephant tusks that they had put up for sale.
The trade has also been said to include several individuals who are operators and workers for private animal sanctuaries.