NEWS: UHURU/ RUTO now clear to name their PSs after High Court in Nairobi threw out COFEK case

Tuesday, the 4th of June 2013 - The High Court on Tuesday morning threw out a case brought by the Consumers Federation of Kenya (Cofek) which challenged the Public Service Commission’s decision to interview candidates for the posts of Principal Secretary away from public view.
The consumer body argued that holding the interviews away from the public was a violation of the constitution;

“The PSC decision to secretly recommend to the President names of persons for Principal Secretaries was unconstitutional, unjustified, malicious, unilateral and was tantamount to discrimination and against the rules of natural justice,” Cofek said

Cokef also argued that deserving candidates for the posts had not been considered;

“Owing to a flawed recruitment mired in suspicion, tainted and discredited by among others the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, it is important that further action on the said secret list be stopped.”

Justice Isaac Lenaola however threw out the case on Tuesday morning after finding there was no merit in Cofek’s case.

The Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) has also cast doubt on the PSC’s process of recruiting the principal secretaries.

The EACC has put 15 of the shortlisted nominees under investigation.