NEWS: UHURU’s TNA Chair, SAKAJA, and Sec Gen OLOO to face the axe from TNA leadership

Wednesday, the 12th of June 2013 - It has emerged that a plot is in the works to push TNA officials Johnson Sakaja and Onyango Oloo from leadership positions in the party.
Sakaja’s is the party’s Chairman while Oloo is its Secretary General.

The plot to remove the two from their positions is reportedly being led by fellow TNA leaders who feel that the pair cannot serve the party well because they have been given other jobs.

Sakaja is a TNA nominee to the National Assembly while Oloo has been tied to a top job in the Jubilee Government.

Sakaja on Wednesday responded to the plot to oust him and Oloo from the party leadership positions saying those who are behind were using illegal means to achieve their ends;

"I remain National Chairman of TNA. An illegally constituted meeting of NOB that did not even have quorum (NOB meetings are convened by the National Chairman and communicated by the Secretary General and require quorum of, which neither myself nor the Secretary General attended cannot purport to have taken any action,” said Sakaja.

The TNA Chairman said he will remain the party leader until it’s decided otherwise at the National Delegates Conference;

"I advice those interested in the position of TNA Chairman to wait for the National Delegates Conference and face me at the ballot. For the avoidance of doubt, that night gathering held has no legal or political implication.”