NEWS: WILLY MUTUNGA’s Judiciary now wants Sh 300 million to buy a PLANE to reduce ‘costs of operation’

Wednesday June 5, 2013 - The Kenyan Judiciary now wants to buy a plane costing Sh300 million for occasional trips to Turkana and other far flung areas.
Speaking while presenting the proposal to the Parliamentary Budget Committee on Tuesday, Chief Registrar, Gladys Shollei, said they are planning to buy a fixed -wing plane for Sh300 million to minimise cost of operations.

The state of the art plane is one of the many items in the budget for the Judiciary which has proposed to spend Sh24.1 billion in the next fiscal year.

When asked by the committee on why they cannot outsource air transport services rather than buy a plane that would require insurance and maintenance, confident Shollei said the plan is aimed at reducing operation costs for the Judiciary.

She said the plane will help the Judiciary staff access far flung areas which are difficult to access even by roads.

Shollei also said the plane would be under the management of the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) and could be leased out whenever the Judiciary was not using it to recover the cost of purchase.